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Detroit Man Forced To Go To Jail Behind $30,000 Child Support On A Child That’s Not His! *Update* (Video)

Detroit Man Forced To Go To Jail Behind $30,000 Child Support On A Child That’s Not His! *Update* (Video)

by February 17, 2015 5 comments

Black Women Have Our Backs Right?!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

So you think that the words I speak about black women and how they are agents of white men to damage the lives of black men and children are too harsh right?  So you think that I shouldn’t be able to say these things due to the fact that my momma is black right?  Well how is it that the stories that I talk about end up having a greater impact on someones life negatively than my words ever have?

The story here is one of the most disgusting stories I have ever had to do because it goes to show you exactly how big of liar black women have become and how the men end up having to pay even when the lie is found out!  I was sent this story a few hundred times over the past few months but I couldn’t do it because I myself had just been lied to by a female yet unlike this guy it didnt cost me my freedom.   As a matter of fact, because the person who lied to me wasn’t a black woman, I think that may be the only reason I am not either dead or in jail today and that’s real talk!

A Detroit man is facing jail time again for being what you idiots call a “Dead Beat Dad”!  Funny part about this is that this guy is not even the father of the kid and everyone including the courts know hes not, but that is not stopping the courts from pursuing the case against this man.

Mr Carnell Alexander went to court to turn himself in hoping that the court system would see fit to drop the case against him and maybe go after the real father so lets see what happened…

The worst part about this is that you have a son who grew up not knowing who the hell his father was yet I bet he feels no shame in knowing that his mother is a lying dead beat whore-slut bag!  Yeah, thats what you are because this woman doesnt even know her kids father was so she just picked one out of a damn hat.  I actuall have been that guy who got picked out of a damn hat because the whore had actually no idea who her kids father was and the courts don’t hold them to any shred of truth in the legal system.

Think about it, if I testify in a trial and give false testimony, what would happen to me?  I would be charged with perjury and sent to jail for up to a year, yet a woman can lie about being raped, beaten, robbed and who her kids father is and nothing happens to her?  Seriously?

The laws are so damn skewed towards women that they have actually every incentive to lie in court because they are rarely caught and when they are nothing happens so what reason do they honestly have not to lie?

This case should have the whole world outraged and wanting to change the laws yet there are no protest, there are no black fathers matter cries, there are no please calls for the judge to resign nor for the woman to be arrested.  Actually, all is quiet in the streets of Michigan as well as with your liberal media who will bury the hell out of incidents of fathers being railroaded by the system.  There are people right now calling for me to be killed and taken off line but there is no such outrage towards the mother who not only abused the system but ruined a mans life over her lie, over her inability to take care of her body, her kid, her finances and her selfish need to have the united states tax payer pay for her mistakes and failures!

I hope this woman and the judge both get hit by busses!


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DETROIT (WXYZ) – A Detroit man says he has lost his job, is almost homeless and could face jail time for not paying child support.

However, DNA tests prove the child in question is not his.

On Friday, Carnell Alexander turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

“I stayed up all night. Couldn’t sleep thinking about it,” he told WXYZ.

Alexander says the State of Michigan has ordered him to pay child support for a boy that he can prove is not his.

“I haven’t even had a chance to speak to him except for one time when we took a DNA test,” Alexander said.

The case started in the late eighties when Alexander’s ex-girlfriend had a child.

She said she needed help providing for the boy, but was told that in order to get welfare assistance, she had to name a father on the paperwork.

She said she decided to put down Alexander’s name, even though she knew he couldn’t be the father.

That’s when the state started a paternity case against him to collect money for the assistance that was provided.

A process-server turned in paperwork, claiming that Alexander was given notice of the case.

However, the Michigan Department of Corrections says that is impossible since he was incarcerated at the time.

In fact, WXYZ says Alexander didn’t find out about the paternity action until 1991, when he was arrested for being a deadbeat dad.

“I’m almost homeless. I’m almost in jail. I am out of work. My money is threatened to be taken, ” he said. “I’m scared.”

The judge said that he won’t go to jail yet.

She put the case on hold until next month so his attorney could have a chance to argue that he shouldn’t be responsible for the child support bill.

“We can be defaulted into being a father of a child that is not ours. I don’t understand the law, but we do have that law in place,“ he said.

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  1. Good Vibes
    #1 Good Vibes 17 February, 2015, 05:55

    I am a Caribbean Black Man and I am so scared of even talking to American Black women when I come to NY on vacation.

    Sad to see how disgusting Black American women are and behave.

    Also Tommy, I saw the video about the Black American female who was cussing on the bus at the white male.
    And i immediately noticed everything you stated about the lack of self respect of those women, and their ability to destroy the lives of their children.
    I did also notice the way the white male insulted her by her own words by asking her to ” get on all fours and spread her legs”.

    I must admit Caribbean women are not like this.
    Perhaps it’s the cultural differences.

    But I do hope and wish that the African American Woman would change her ways. Because many Caribbean parents are warning us to avoid any form of relationship with African American women.

  2. nayant
    #2 nayant 17 February, 2015, 07:10


  3. Mark
    #3 Mark 17 February, 2015, 13:09

    Why is she being concealed with the silouette? She needs to be revealed.

  4. TigerMonarchy
    #4 TigerMonarchy 27 February, 2015, 10:20 – Here’s the update for this story. And it’s a doozie! Tommy, do this video update!

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