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Black Radio Show Host Life Threatened By Blacks Because He Said The Texas Cops Arent Racist! (Video)

Black Radio Show Host Life Threatened By Blacks Because He Said The Texas Cops Arent Racist! (Video)

by June 9, 2015 7 comments

Is This The Peaceful Blacks That Are Marching?

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Well in the story that just will not go away, the Texas Pool party roundup scandal has yet taken another turn which really shouldnt surprise anyone now should it?

The good black people of America who want to see justice have decided that if you do not agree with what their idea of justice is then you should be injured or killed!

Radio show host Benet Embry and Tommy Sotomayor are the lasted victims of this crazy thought that if you want to show the world that you are not violent then you offer to do something violent…lol

The ironic thing about this is that I did a video about this earlier today, take a look!

I honestly believe that black americans are the biggest idiots on gods green earth because they are willing to do damn near anything to get the attention of others and to cause another black persons life pure hell yet not one of these people are quick enough to threaten the white people who they say did them wrong.  Notice that none of the white residence have any fear of blacks releasing their addresses or running up in their homes.. huh, imagine that!

#McKinney: Radio Host Benét Embry Says Incident Not ‘About Race,’ Activist Threatens Police

by JODI GIDDINGS on JUNE 9, 2015

In the words of Chicago Mayor Rahm “Dead Fish” Emanuel: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” And the incident in McKinney this past Friday is no exception. Nevertheless, one self-described “progressive” radio host based in Dallas, who’s incidentally black, says he witnessed the altercation and insists it has nothing at all to do with race. From Breitbart:


In an appearance on CNN’s “Outfront” on Monday, Benét Embry, host of the “Benét Embry Radio Show,” explained that it was his view that a pool party that went awry and led to a confrontation between several black teenagers and local police wasn’t about race.

He blamed “seven knuckleheads” for ruining what was about kids “there just having a good time.”

“I do not believe that this was about race,” Embry said. “What this was a teenage party that got out of control. It was about 130 kids there, 100 good kids there just having a good time. Out of the 130, predominantly African-American, seven knuckleheads ruined the whole thing for everybody. That’s what this is all about. I don’t think — I do not believe that officer showed up to the subdivision with the intention, ‘I’m going to go out and swing black kids around.’ I do not believe that. That’s not the way the community is set up. That’s not the community we live in. So, amidst death threats that I have received and the banning of my radio show, my neighbor had to send his son away because he is receiving death threats.”

Watch Embry’s entire interview:

Of course, “activists” want Mr. Embry fired…for practicing free speech by relating exactly what he saw…

…while others, um, support him…or something:

But little things like facts and eyewitness accounts won’t be stopping the astroturf protesters. And at least one representative from the Next Generation Action Network—which went mostly unreported by our oh-so-objective mainstream media—was caught on tape yesterdaythreatening our men and women in blue:

But no matter to the MSNBC’s of the nation who ignored this blatant threat, because Reverend Wright is not a pasty-white conservative type, and therefore not held to the same high standards.

So, astroturfers: What exactly is it that you’re “protesting?” Is it this terroristic threat by a fellow “protester?” No? Is it an utter lack of respect for authority? Is it piss-poor parenting? Or perhaps out of control youth? Or maybe it’s in support of our fundamental right to due process? Nope. I suspect it’s none of those things. Because somehow I think your astroturf protest is nothing but a George Soros-funded paycheck to you. Just like those in Ferguson, and Baltimore, and DC.

Not everything is about race. Sometimes it’s about children who desperately need discipline.

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  1. chas418
    #1 chas418 9 June, 2015, 19:39

    Enlightening as always . I’m proud of this black man for saying something that’s not popular and surely won’t win him any brownie points in the black community

  2. goldenneko
    #2 goldenneko 9 June, 2015, 20:27

    I listened to your post earlier, where you lead off talking about your twitter account. Frankly, I was surprised that you actually stated that this was about poorly parenting!!
    I have watched every video of the incident posted so far, because, frankly there have been far too many incidences lately where there is a rush to justice over 1 video. One video does not the entire scenario encompass! Several views were offered. I noticed the lack of black adults. There were plenty of white men there (not cops). And the kids that I could see and hear mouthing off were all black.
    I was glad to hear a black man saying what I have been saying, all along. That there is a distinct lack of respect for anyone that is adult, and a lack of respect for things belonging to others by the current group of people under 35. I know that is all encompassing – it is a generalization – and like all generalizations, there are exceptions! You – Tommy Sotomayor – are an exception!!! Thank you!

  3. goldenneko
    #3 goldenneko 9 June, 2015, 20:28

    PS… Stay safe!!!

  4. Ashamed2BeBlack
    #4 Ashamed2BeBlack 9 June, 2015, 23:15

    Dammit, I deleted my comment. I think I said that the host should have shared a portion of his opinion instead of all of it as I think it makes him look foolish. I don’t call people Uncle Tom. The officer in question might not have set out to run amok on a contingent of nigglets but that’s what he did. The 1 officer who fell, rolled and then popped up again had more reason to be angry (from what we see on the video) yet he was polite and cordial with the youth. The other officer was running around escalating the situation and there was no reason for him to pull his gun. Did you not see how quickly the other officers moved to restrain him. The youth was running away and he was still in the process of aiming his gun. Walter Scott anyone??

  5. Tyechia2real
    #5 Tyechia2real 10 June, 2015, 02:24

    U are right on my brother I know that it was more to the story then what it was told I didn’t believe that smart mouth hostess. And the black man on the radio station seems like a nice guy he wasn’t like the rest of the Black men

  6. Druishe
    #6 Druishe 11 June, 2015, 08:09

    how can people look for respect when non is given. I wonder if the police officers were black – would there still be — so-called outrage? from my experience as a black female, black officers treated me 100% times worst than white officers.
    But the old saying is children are a reflection of their parents – so

  7. regent92
    #7 regent92 26 June, 2015, 02:42

    the young girl in the interview actually admitted her mother told her to leave and she refused. So she had to be subdued by a LEO and still refused to shut up. Near the end of the long video you can see another adult rubbing her head and telling her to chill out while she was on the ground still mouthing off.

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