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White Cops Forced To Arrest Damn Near An Entire Block Of Unruly Blacks From The Elderly To The Kids! (Video)

White Cops Forced To Arrest Damn Near An Entire Block Of Unruly Blacks From The Elderly To The Kids! (Video)

by October 30, 2015 3 comments

No Matter What You Do As A Cop…

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

…You Will Be WRONG!!!!

I am sorry to break it to you police but you will not be respected in black neighborhoods until you turn your back on them and let them police themselves!  It doesn’t work in the middle east and it will not work in the inner cities!

People have to want safety and security, you cant force it on them!

People have to want civility, you cant force it on them and if you have noticed, the majority of American blacks seem to want chaos and anarchy over order and law!

Take for instance the video below, This video shows a whole neighborhood of blacks who are not only acting unruly but they are actually the ones that called the cops to the scene in the first place so it makes no sense that once the cops arrive you now have a problem with how they are going about doing their job when you cant seem to do the job of policing yourselves… Just watch!

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So at no point in time are blacks supposed to be held to the standard of being civil to police officers?

Are these the same people who claim they are afraid of the cops being brutal to them?  Is that why they are so rude and disrespectful to the cops out of fear?

Why does the mainstream media not cover this side of the black lives matter argument?

I keep hearing people say that its the police officers job to stay calm and civil at all time while the citizen gets free reign to do what ever they would like and say what ever they would like to the cops?!?

This was on full display here during the video as it shows the people using racial slurs on the cops along with threats but if any of the cops had said anything back to them which rivaled what was being said to them then we would have had an international incident on our hands!  It would be vied as proof that cops mistreat blacks and that cops are racist against blacks.

Right now I am gonna keep urging white cops and all cops really to stop patrolling these neighborhood and only come by when there is a body to pick up or to ensure a firefighters safety.  Let them police themselves!  They view cops as occupiers so the smart person would vacate the area and let them do with it what they please so they can no longer say that it is the vicious hand of the white man that is ruining their neighborhoods!

The more you see things like this, the more blacks should understand why I and others are sick and tired of being lumped in the same group with these idiots!  It has to be so so hard for honest cops to work in an environment like this and even if you started off with the best of intentions, it would harden your heart to be insulted and threatened every day and then know that no matter how you do your job, if you try to do your job you will then have to put your career on the line because of it!
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  1. MistaO211
    #1 MistaO211 30 October, 2015, 16:49

    Nothing more to say. Your perspective here is 100% correct. Enough is enough already, but they aren’t capable of accepting the truth.

  2. jason162
    #2 jason162 1 November, 2015, 02:48

    yall dont have to gang her? what the fuck

  3. V-1
    #3 V-1 9 November, 2015, 10:41

    Cops should of just blasted those out of control bitches.

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