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Niggly Bear Mauls Many Whites Including The Mom Of His MudShark Girlfriend 4 Breaking Up With Him! (Video)

Niggly Bear Mauls Many Whites Including The Mom Of His MudShark Girlfriend 4 Breaking Up With Him! (Video)

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This Is An Oldie But Goodie!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Burlington, Vermont – October 29, 2008

The gunman in the Essex shootings was sentenced Wednesday before a packed courtroom. For the victims it was a painful day, but they finally had their chance to face Christopher Williams and have their say.

“You will serve your prison time here on earth and thereafter I believe you will suffer for eternity. You disgust me!” said Emily Shanks.

Emily Shanks asked the judge to send Williams, 29, to prison for life without parole for gunning down her mother, teacher Alicia Shanks, during his rampage at Essex Elementary School two years ago.

Fueled by a murderous jealousy, Williams had also shot and killed Linda Lambesis, the mother of the girlfriend who had dumped him. He also shot and critically wounded another teacher, Mary Snedeker.

“My healing will be the confidence that you will never be able to walk the streets again, that your punishment fits the crime you’ve committed, and that you are sentenced to life in prison without parole,” Snedeker said.

“The feeling of pain and loss is so intense and intolerable I find myself holding my breath. My head feels like it will explode. And I find myself crying with no control. You don’t have a soul and you show no remorse for what you’ve done and I think that there is no punishment great enough for you. There is no justification for you, executing my wife. You don’t have a soul and you show no remorse for what you have done,” said Steve Shanks, Alicia Shanks’ husband.

“Chris is and always will be a danger to society. I can never get back what he took. My losses can’t be recovered. If he could feel the pain I feel for the rest of his life, he still wouldn’t understand what he put me and my family through,” said Andrea Lambesis, Williams’ former girlfriend and the daughter of one of his victims, Linda Lambesis.

Williams averted his eyes and showed a range of emotions as the victims called for a sentence that guarantees he will die behind bars, including laughter, anger and sometimes he shook his head in apparent disagreement.

But when the judge asked him if he had anything to say, Williams declined.

With that, Judge Geoffrey Crawford imposed the maximum sentence under Vermont law– three consecutive life sentences with no chance of parole.

“The sentence must make it clear to others that as a society we cannot tolerate such cruelty and violence,” Judge Crawford said.

Williams wept when he heard the sentence and was immediately taken away to begin serving the sentence that the victims had requested.

While Williams declined to speak, his lawyer addressed the court briefly. She asked the judge to sentence Williams to 35-years-to-life, offering some small hope that Williams might one day get out of jail. But the judge rejected that plea and gave Williams the maximum.

Brian Joyce – WCAX News

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  1. kansah1983
    #1 kansah1983 24 January, 2017, 12:53

    This is sad, to me he is lucky he does not have to face threats, a death penalty, or people who want his head. But on the real fuck him for killing people.

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