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2 People Stabbed At New Jersey Chuck E Cheese & 2 Black Women Are In Custody! This Is Your Black Queen! (Video)

2 People Stabbed At New Jersey Chuck E Cheese & 2 Black Women Are In Custody! This Is Your Black Queen! (Video)

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Where They Go, Hell Follows!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Doesn’t it seem like where ever there is a large number of black women or any more than 2, violence comes with this group?

You see how the woman acted at the Waffle House, You see how they act on any public transportation vehicle, you see how they act when they go to any Popeyes, McDonalds etc and now it seems like they cant even be civil when they have their children with them at a kids place!

I remember my daughters mom through my kids birthday party at this place in Riverdale for kids and of course blacks were there and of course an argument between some women and their baby daddy broke out and I went off on her saying why host my daughters party at a place where you know blacks go!

We got our party out of there but it really wasn’t a good look and from then on out I have never had my daughters party around all blacks especially these bastard children of single black mothers because black women is where the violence comes from!

The story below is about yet another Chuck E. Cheese good time ruined by black women and in this story, 2 end up stabbed and 2 end up in jail!

If the above video doesn’t work then click the one below


So let me get this straight, it is our job as black men to treat this group of people better than they act because our mothers were black?  No one ever ask how did our mothers treat us or others because if our black women were anything like the women of today then why would we honor them or the current women?

Then what if we did have great mothers, then hell yeah we would be disappointed in what women have become because we would have a reference that was different than the whores running around fighting at restaurants like their are today!

At the end of all of this we must call out bad behavior no matter who does it, especially when the women like this who are raising our sons and daughters are raising violent aholes instead of productive citizens… That is something that we all should be concerned about!



Wild brawl at Chuck E. Cheese injures 2, leads to arrests


Two women were arrested and two people were injured after a brawl involving as many as 20 people at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Deptford spilled outside on Sunday evening, authorities said.

A woman who suffered a minor stab wound to the hip refused treatment, Deptford police said. A worker who tried to break up the altercation also was hurt trying to separate some of the combatants.

Skee ball fight at N.J. Chuck E. Cheese nets assault charges

Skee ball fight at N.J. Chuck E. Cheese nets assault charges

A woman and her 2-year-old son were near the skee ball machines at the Nassau Park Boulevard location on Dec. 27 around 7 p.m.

The fight broke out at the eatery on Almonesson Road around 6 p.m, Sunday.

Cops from Gloucester Township, Woodbury, Woodbury Heights and West Deptford had to help break up the melee.

Police didn’t detail the charges against the two women taken into custody.

Anyone who witnessed the fight is asked to call Det. Tim Parks at 856-845-6300, ext. 1225.

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