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Secrets Revealed Of Mom & 2 Year Old Murdered By Man Who Didn’t Want To Pay Child Support! (Video)

Secrets Revealed Of Mom & 2 Year Old Murdered By Man Who Didn’t Want To Pay Child Support! (Video)

by February 6, 2016 2 comments

The More You Know…

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

The more you should question people and things and events!

After getting a message on my YouTube channels along with emails sent to me it became very obvious that I was right about what has transpired between the parties involved in this unfortunate case.  Well after doing my own research I found that not only was this woman DNA testing several men but people were talking about how the men were being threatened and harassed by this woman until test proved they weren’t the kids father…

Here is the driving case

Here is the CS Case Of The Murderer

Here is the CS Case Of The Alleged First Father

Here is the CS Case Of The 2nd Alleged Father

Now for this woman to be such an upstanding citizen as they portray her as then how is it possible that she has not 1, not 2 but 3 possible baby daddies and like on Maury I bet she was telling each and every one how they were gonna have to pay for this kid.

As a matter of fact, one of the dudes had to petition to get the child’s name changed because not only did she pin the kid on him but she then tried to give the child his name which is the same thing that happened to me.

Im sorry but these women are evil people and I have no issue when evil people have evil things come back on them.  The child was innocent and it is sad that a kid had to loose its life over grown up crap.

This 26 year old woman was so comfortable sleeping with several men at one time with no condom, coming up pregnant and blaming the one she liked the most knowing that not only did he not want a kid with her but none of the dudes she slept with wanted a kid with her.  In the end, their wishes didn’t matter because its her body and her choice which led to this price is right style DNA testing to see who was the father.

Now you have to be a piece of sh*t woman to not only have sex with that many guys in a short amount of time with no protection nor be on any birth control but you also have to be the worst person in the history of life to have this kid anyway and feel like you have the right and the governments backing to go out, find which one is the unlucky man and make his life a living hell in the process.  Hell no I have no sympathy for this woman at all.

You guys also have to remember that at the end of the day, this woman was probably raised like this to be vindictive so how do you think that little girl was gonna be raised when she gets older? Well all you had to do was look in my comment section and you would see all of the people who think its OK to ruin a mans life and that he shouldnt have hit it raw even if he had on a condom and it malfunctioned or something else, they still say man up so I just view her as a woman who played a stupid game and won a stupid prize, Im OK with the result on all ends~!




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  1. AZMan
    #1 AZMan 7 February, 2016, 10:50

    Are the links still working for anyone? I can’t get to them.

  2. Jay Z
    #2 Jay Z 7 February, 2016, 13:30

    Tommy, I am glad you finally got around to publishing this story and giving us your thoughts. I am especially sensitive about this story because a woman ruined my marriage to a man I had once loved. I accepted that he screwed around with a woman before we got married, but what he did not bargain for was that she got pregnant, kept harassing him and I on the phone, and what’s worse, she actually was pregnant with twin boys and she carried them to term, gave birth to them and even named one of them after my ex-husband. She filed a hell of a paternity suit on him and we decided to end the marriage. At one time my ex-husband had to be “talked” or “reasoned” out of planning to murder this woman when she was pregnant. He admitted sleeping with this woman, but he never agreed to having a family and went so far as to say that she “stole his semen.”

    That was about 25 years ago and I feel that I have done so much better with my life. But looking back this woman thought she could win his affection and loyalty by becoming the mother of his children, he never married her and she had to raise them by herself albeit he most certainly provided monetary support, and knowing him he probably tried to show the kids paternal love. Its a sad story when babies are born out of situations like this. Someone is definitely going to get hurt and it will be painful for a long time.

    I feel sorry for this woman and child (current news article) for paying the ultimate price of losing their lives over this senseless act of desperation.

    I agree that the states must review the legislation and make it less punitive for the man but remain fair because some of these women actually want to get pregnant and have a child as in my case, and I can say that I lost my one and only husband over a jealous bitch (and husband’s foolishness) which ultimately destroyed our relationship and even the young boys’ who are now young men.

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