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WNBA Star Couple Brittney Griner & Glory Johnson Arrested For Fighting But Where In The Hell Is The Public Outrage? (VIdeo)

WNBA Star Couple Brittney Griner & Glory Johnson Arrested For Fighting But Where In The Hell Is The Public Outrage? (VIdeo)

by April 24, 2015 5 comments

Introducing The Griner LGBT-1000D!!!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

In this corner we have The Griner BT-1000D and in this corner we have Glory ‘hole’ Johnson in a head to head battle for who has the biggest!

Man damn, I am so excited about doing this story because it was BT vs BT as they assumed that maybe they could become a couple and produce double the BT Units for cyberdine systems but oh it went left quickly!  The Griner LGBT-100D is Cyberdine Systems latest model to roll off the line which includes a massive plastic dong which can be used on the BT-1000 as well as itself.  This strap on unit was designed to see if the BT-1000 could work together with other BT-models which would make them less likely to be able to be reprogrammed by the likes of Tommy Conner and other resistance leaders who can sway their orginal directives which are to destroy the black community.

The Griner-1000D boost the same frame is the hoodwolves that the BT-1000 is used to procreating with but the Griner 1000d also can reproduce more death and destuction too if its goal of seducing the BT-models fails because Cyberdine alongwith Skynet know that hoodwolves will f*ck

WNBA Stars Brittney Griner & Glory Johnson were the talk of the town.  For the first time in history you had a two all stars of a sport engaged to be married, hell just dating each other was a first and the world seemed to be excited over it.  Oh who the hell am I kidding, no one outside of that teams locker room even knew who the hell Glory Johnson was nor will they after this report.

Well here in Arizona the two got into a heated domestic fight which resulted in both being arrested, Take a look!

OK calls, lets make sure we are on the same page here,

  • Woman hits man and its ok, hell we find it funny.
  • Woman his another woman and there is no outrage
  • Woman hits kid hell there is no outrage there either we do more asking what drove her to it
  • Woman kills man and we ask what drove her to it
  • Woman Kills woman and we ask what drove her to it
  • Woman kills kid and we ask what drove her to it
  • Man hits woman or kid and there is public outrage? (Dont forget dog too because we cant hit those or any animal)

People swear and down that if women ran the world there would be no violence yet every day you look around all you see are violent women, why?  When men do something violent, they get called to the carpet, I guess they dont want to call these women to the carpet because when they get there they might eat it! lol

These two women who are fighting so hard that the police have to be called are stars in their sports yet the commissioner of the NBA nor the WNBA are forced to do damage control?  The women arent facing season long bans?  There is no ESPN cover story or ABC news person saying how men need to control themselves?  Where the hell is Terry Crews punk AZZ claiming how men and sports create a culture of beating women?

You wont see any of these things because it goes against the narrative that women and dykes are nice people who would never harm anyone but men are people you should get up everyday looking to neuter due to how bad their testosterone makes them!

Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson were arrested following a fight in their Goodyear home but where in the hell is the outrage?  There is none and there will be none but in the cases of Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and others, these men had the media as well as their own sports leagues try to destroy their careers.  They came out with guns blazing along with other men in their sports, past and present, who couldnt wait to get in front of a microphone to let the world how unacceptable it is to hit a woman yet no one says how unacceptable it is for anyone to hit anyone, why is that?

The world continues to give women an out when it comes to personsonal responsiblity and I for one am sick of it.  If women cant be treated like responsible adults then why the hell do we even allow them to clamour for equality?


An argument between Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner and her fiancée turned physical on Wednesday afternoon, resulting in the arrests of both women on assault and disorderly conduct allegations, according to a police report.

Griner, 24, and the WNBA’s Tulsa Shock player Glory Johnson were in an argument in the Goodyear home they recently purchased. Several people inside the home tried to break up the fight before police were called, police said.

Police reports indicate that Johnson’s sister called Goodyear police Wednesday afternoon to report that Johnson and Griner were “in the living room throwing things at each other.”

When police arrived at the home on 133rd Drive, Johnson’s sister, Judy, told officers she was at a loss for what to do because of the way the two were fighting, so she called police.

“We couldn’t get them pulled apart,” Judy Johnson said, according to a police report.

Griner told officers that she and Johnson were having relationship issues and that they had just purchased their first home together.

David Michael Cantor, the attorney for Brittney Griner, released a statement on Thursday afternoon.

“The last few months have been an extremely stressful time for Brittney and Glory,” the statement read. “They will continue to work through these hardships together and ask that the media respect their privacy as they handle this family matter. Glory and Brittney sincerely apologize for the distraction this has caused their families, respective teams, the WNBA, sponsors and fans.”

Griner told police that she and Johnson had been arguing every day and got into each other’s faces Wednesday afternoon in the home they had bought two days earlier after Johnson said Griner “disrespected” her, according to a police report.

Johnson told police Griner had gotten too close, so she pushed her back to get some separation and began talking to her sister when she was pushed in the back of the head by Griner. Johnson turned around and the physical altercation began, with both fighting on the floor for 4 to 6 minutes. The entire episode lasted about 20 minutes, according to the report.

“I asked Brittney if things got out of control, and she nodded her head up and down,” according to a police report.

Griner had injuries to her hand, including what she described as a “tooth mark,” and officers noticed another injury to her wrist and fingers, according to a police report.

“It turned into a fight. Broke up. We kept arguing, mouthing back and forth, clashed again, separated us, clashed again, separated us, and here we are now,” Griner told officers, according to the police report.

In addition to Griner’s injuries, Johnson had lacerations to her right lip and another man who was in the home suffered some injuries when he tried to break up the fight, according to the report.

Neither Griner nor Johnson desired prosecution and police arrested each of them at about 5 p.m. Wednesday on suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct. The booking report indicates that the altercation was being considered a domestic-violence offense.

Griner was a key player for the Mercury, helping them win the WNBA title in 2014. She was named the league’s Defensive Player of the Year, in addition to being named All-WNBA First Team.

Last year, Griner averaged 15.6 points, 8.0 rebounds and 3.8 blocks in her second season in the league.

Jail information indicates that Griner was released at about 4 a.m. Thursday.

Johnson, 24, was a forward last year with the WNBA’s Tulsa Shock and the pair announced their engagement late last summer.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.


Phoenix Mercury Executive Vice President and General Manager Jim Pitman has released the following statement Thursday morning:

“The Mercury organization is aware of an alleged incident involving Brittney Griner. We are in the process of gathering additional information, and will have no further comment at this time.”


“We are aware of the incident involving Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson and are working with the Phoenix Mercury and Tulsa Shock organizations to obtain more information.”


“We are aware of the reports out of Phoenix regarding player Glory Johnson. We are in the process of gathering information at this time. Of course our first concern is for Glory’s well-being and health. We are looking into the matter further and have no other comment to make at this time.”


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  1. Mark
    #1 Mark 24 April, 2015, 11:41

    Waka Flocka plays for the wnba?

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  4. OldMarine
    #4 OldMarine 24 April, 2015, 20:25

    ‘Not pressing charges’? When officers arrive AT ANY domestic call and observe bruises or marks, that decision is supposed to be out of their hands.

  5. TMGartist
    #5 TMGartist 25 April, 2015, 13:50

    I’m sure we all know what caused this….. PATRIARCHY!

    If MEN hadn’t built that house, those two women would not have been fighting in said house.

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