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Rapper Ludacris & His New Wife Attacked By Black Hoodrats Over Child Custody Decision! (Video)

Rapper Ludacris & His New Wife Attacked By Black Hoodrats Over Child Custody Decision! (Video)

by January 29, 2015 11 comments

When Hair Hats Attack!!!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

In other news that should bother everyone but surprise no one, Rapper Ludacris along with his new wife are being attacked on social media by the adoring fans of the beautiful, rich and talented Ms Tamika Fuller!

Tamika worked hard to get where she is today as the mother of a kid by a multimillionaire but I want you guys to pay close attention to the things that are happening now since she lost custody of that kid to that multimillionaire!

Tamika only wanted money to help raise her kid.  Now Tamika already had a kid by another man who is also paying child support.  Funny thing is though, that man isnt even paying 1000.00 a month yet Tamika managed to take care of that child just fine, so what made the kid that she was having with Ludacris so special that 7,000.00 a month was not enough?  Was it the gold plated jordans she planned on putting on the 13 month old infant?  Was it the diamond crusted milk bottle?  Who knows but this poor lady needed that money and more because she worked so hard to get it!

Now that the first wave of dust has settled on this case, what you have now is other beautiful black queens like Ms Fuller coming out in full support of their Queen Bee by going in hard on Chris as well as his new wife.  They want her to know that she cant have kids and thats why god punished her to not be able to have kids because she is an evil person to stand by and watch Chris get custody of his own child while not asking the mother for a dime.. How dare he do this!

So let me get this straight ladies, You believe that a man should not have custody of his kid?  You believe that it makes more sense to take the kid from him, have him pay this woman more money than the average american house hold makes instead of him having his kid, letting her see the kid when ever and not having one dime be exchanged because he can pay for what ever the kid needs with out using her money, he just wants her to be the best mom she can be, are you telling me that this is an issue for you?

The sad part about this is that many women feel just like this. Yep, Black women #DoingDumbShit

Many women believe that they can walk up in the court and ask for the moon and it must be given to them simply because they are mothers!   Why doesnt the courts recognize that no child needs these amounts and just like malpractice suits, these need a cap as well.  Think about it, A doctor can kill you and only get sued for 100k but you can just get someone pregnant and end up paying millions?  The law of the lad sucks.. Period but with fights like these I hope we will get change.

Ludacris, its up to you now to go out and preach the word on men getting custody as well as laws being changed to make parenting more appealing to all people involved, not just the woman who benefits her personal life just by getting pregnant! Funny how people say black men need to be in their kids lives but we know thats not true, they just want black men to go to jail or live low while the woman lives high or gets revenge…. #AFatherlessAmerica

Now as always, I did reach out to her to allow her to speak to me about this because I don’t believe in talking about people and not giving them the opportunity to respond, Lets see what happens!

PS. WHATS FUNNY IS THAT SHE HAS FANS.. BUT WHAT DOES SHE DO? hmmmm DNA OH AND I DID SEE WHITE CHICKS JOINING IN ON THE BS… Remember, this woman has a child already that the rumor is that she doesn’t have custody of and the shack she been living in has had 12 eviction notices.. but let me do my research to see if this is true… STAY TUNED!

see the comments for yourself below and make your own! CLICK HERE TO SEE MY ORIGINAL VIDEO AND ARTICLE!

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  1. frannykittie
    #1 frannykittie 29 January, 2015, 11:36

    Laws need to change for sure. But you keep skipping over one point that would avoid this shit. Men, stop fucking whores when you already have a woman you say you want to marry. If you enjoy being a cheating piece of shit, then do a simple snip of the dick. You also need to include Ludicrous in the #dumbshit. Really rich men, you are an absolute dumbshit since you know every beastie greedy woman fucking you wants your fortune, DUH you fucking idiots.

    • Nitro
      Nitro 29 January, 2015, 12:28

      If you want to avoid getting in a car accident then dont drive cars. You knew what the risk was for driving a car.

      Also dont walk outside if you dont wanna get robbed. You knew the risk….

    • Nitro
      Nitro 29 January, 2015, 12:32

      So a person hit by a drunk driver deserves it because they should have known the risks of driving right?

  2. Jessicacannady
    #2 Jessicacannady 29 January, 2015, 12:43

    How dare you take her meal ticket away she need her prada bags and red bottoms and her weave fresh and nails did. Damn these snack pack throwers. You can’t talk logic to dumb people.

  3. LcClark
    #3 LcClark 29 January, 2015, 12:50

    THAT is exactly what that greedy ungrateful come up thru procreation bitch deserves!!!! 7g’s a month are you kidding me??? She didn’t have that little girl outta love at all and that is sickening. Chris deserves that baby…..

  4. Taintedlove1
    #4 Taintedlove1 29 January, 2015, 12:53

    $7000 is way more than enough. That’s $84,000 a year. What more does she need? She was probably using that money on herself.

  5. aperfectpearl
    #5 aperfectpearl 29 January, 2015, 13:29

    I think (???) he already had an almost grown daughter which is probably why he didn’t want to start over. I wish him & his new wife only the best.

  6. Mark
    #6 Mark 29 January, 2015, 14:32

    Damn having a wife and a stable home is an evil plan to raise a child now? Are we in bizarro world?

    • OldMarine
      OldMarine 29 January, 2015, 19:57

      @Mark – I was thinking along the same line. Stability for a man is somehow a bad thing? These women are so used to living in their own shitty world, that the most basic of things has to be evil.

      And on another thread, these same women will talk about how men are deadbeats and don’t take care of their kids. In their world there is no such thing as a responsible father… because no responsible man would ever sleep with them.

  7. Katie_b
    #7 Katie_b 30 January, 2015, 01:15

    This is so sad….and the fact that they are famous and have everyone in their business isn’t helping. And seriously who gets 7 grand a month in child support and wants more? Weather I have a job or not my baby has on new shoes, his hair cut, daycare paid, and 3 meals a day and my son’s father pays less than 300 a month. She is a gold digger frfr! What could she possibly need more money for? Having a child is not an occupation smh…..

  8. nayant
    #8 nayant 7 February, 2015, 14:28

    GREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL KILL YA!

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