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Another Black Queens Humiliates Her Daughter On Facebook Over Being Nasty & Doing Poorly In School! (Video)

Another Black Queens Humiliates Her Daughter On Facebook Over Being Nasty & Doing Poorly In School! (Video)

by November 6, 2015 13 comments

So Should She Thank Her Mother?

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

How could anyone, much less a mother terrorize their kid like this?  That is exactly what I was thinking as I watched this video that ended up being one of the worst videos I have seen in a while and in the process of watching it, it made me angry.

I know sometimes you can lose it with your kid because they wont listen or you think that they should be doing better than they are. We as parents see greatness in our kids and sometimes we see the kids as the ones who can right the wrongs of our lives but in the process we must remember one thing, that we used to be kids and we know how it feels to be dogged out by those who are bigger than us, those we love and those we fear.

Our kids look to us for protection and that was the farthest thing from what this mother did to her daughter in the video below.  You are about to see a woman who was fed up with her daughters grades, cleaning habits, hygiene and how she was presenting herself on facebook so this was the result of that frustration.

*Heck No, Her Mom Just Released A Second Video, Click Here*

We love to tell people that “dey momma black” but what does that mean if your momma treats you like this or worse?

I have to now ask, do you think this mother went too far?

Do you think my reply went too far?

When you do respond please explain your answer in detail.

The little girl in this video looked very traumatized.  And guess what else, the little girl in this video looked very slow and that is something that is rarely if ever addressed in the black communities.  Mental disorders are non existent according to these loud mouth, rude, cussing Jesus freaks!  You can obviously tell that the girl is slow due to the mix matched socks and the fact that she continues to pee on herself and wear old pads but instead of mom addressing that or her own failure, she takes time to humiliate and already fragile child!

I have been the guy known for saying that black women in my opinion are the worst stewards of children and I honestly stand by that.  I have seen way too many black mothers treat their kids just like how this mother treated her daughter.

Right now you can go to any comedy club in America and listen to black comics talk about how rude, mean, violent and down right evil their black mothers were to them and somehow this has still remained a joke.  We as blacks still believe to this day that if your kid acts out that you should beat them into obedience.  And we also believe that the more harsh your words are with the kids that somehow translates into the more you love em.

When you guys see thugs roaming the streets and kids who seem to have no compassion and no soul, please remember where they came from.  They came from mothers like this woman that you saw in the video.

When will we stop allowing these mothers to publicly humiliate their kids like this?  The whole internet shaming of a kid who you have failed has gotten way out of hand.  The mom needs to be arrested and I still don’t see why every parent isn’t given free parenting classes to go along with their child support and their government housing.  It should be required that you take parenting classes and that the state gets to see how well your kids are doing before you get a dime!

The little girl has no father around to protect her and sadly, the majority of black kids grow up this way because we allow women to have kids by who ever when ever and we never even look to see if she has the financial, mental or emotional capability to handle such a hard task.

Children go to their mothers to get love, compassion, nurturing and when it comes to black women in America, those things are in short supply so until this gets addressed, America you will continue to deal with the mess you see in the streets known as the black community!  Black women are ruining these kids, one curse word, one put down, one embarrassment, and one beating at a time!

This is how the BT-Series Is made people!


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  1. cat h
    #1 cat h 6 November, 2015, 18:56

    Bravo Tommy! I wondered if anyone caught that this girl is very obviously Mentally Challenged…severely in fact. An evil tempered bitch is the wrong woman to be raising a child with these issues.

    • Dawnfsunrise
      Dawnfsunrise 25 August, 2016, 12:54

      Yes , this child definately seemed to be slow. Evidently the mother is as well. This breaks my heart. Most all little girls are nasty the first several years with their cycle. I hope that the child has been rescued from her sick mother. The behavior shown by the mother in this footage is extremely disturbing.

  2. Bipolarxbear
    #2 Bipolarxbear 6 November, 2015, 19:53

    How can I find out her info. I want to see this children taken away from this evil woman. What a miserable life this child has. Give her to me. I will give her the love and compassion she deserves.

  3. Mrs M
    #3 Mrs M 6 November, 2015, 20:13

    This mother is horrible. If her daughter isn’t clean it’s really her fault she’s really an nasty bitch so she’s trying to project to project it on her daughter.

  4. Ella Cruz
    #4 Ella Cruz 6 November, 2015, 20:41

    Thank you Tommy well said I can’t bare to see her face like this again I really wish I could go and get her and nurture her even adopt her if I was allowed to do so if the mother would let her go for a better chance I would be the first!

  5. blackberi314
    #5 blackberi314 6 November, 2015, 21:43

    I really thought the mom in the movie “Precious” was over exaggerated fiction. Until I saw this fat Barney looking witch going at her child like she was some random female on the street. Girl needs to be taken from her. Also, bad grades and hygiene had to be learned from mom. Because by age 15 the primary training of children was from mom. So is the one looking awful in my opinion, not the daughter. She learned everything from mom that’s probably jealous cause daughter reminding her of how slim and trim she once was before she transformed into Barney’s twin.

  6. Fgpyt
    #6 Fgpyt 6 November, 2015, 22:55

    This is just sad. Fortunately, my black mom is nothing like this, and I am nothing like this to my baby girl. This is a generational thing, and every woman has the power to stop it from continuing on to their children!

  7. Legna007
    #7 Legna007 7 November, 2015, 01:19

    This mother is a failure is so many ways, as you said Tommy. I blame daughter her daughter is failing, and illiterate. I blame her that her daughter has bad hygiene. I blame her for not addressing her daughters obvious development problems. Why is she peeing herself at 15, that is alarming. Degrading that poor girl like that, shameful.

  8. konstance
    #8 konstance 7 November, 2015, 05:09

    thx for posting this tommy…my heart is from the Netherlands and overhere we call this CHILDABUSE!!!

  9. Jane Omere
    #9 Jane Omere 7 November, 2015, 05:24

    From a personal experience that Girl has sexually abused for a long time hence peeing herself, black mothers for a long time point at white people for having sexual deviates. Well black mothers are the most incestuous people I have know as a child not all but most. The young girl is discouraged by the mother to speak up about the abuse that the abuse continues mentally to make the girl pee herself at 15. Most black women have damaged reproductive organs by the time they reach 19. You made a good point about no gynecologist appointments this also hamper the problems. It is the reason they have odours from thier fanny during sexual encounters. The girl needs counselling and treatment for her fanny, mind and proper full body examination.

  10. cocomom
    #10 cocomom 7 November, 2015, 07:19

    Tommy, you’re right on every point. Again. My heart aches for this kid; if I knew their info, I’d turn this abuser in, immediately..

  11. koopaman
    #11 koopaman 7 November, 2015, 11:38

    Man I’ve sat through beheading videos and other foul shit but I literally could only sit through her video for 10 seconds before fast forwarding it, then when I caught a glimpse of that gorilla in the mirror it made me even sicker!!! Why do black women see their kids as a come up to some fame or money? Smh I feel for that little girl , her mom is just jealous

  12. CityShark
    #12 CityShark 7 November, 2015, 22:16

    Messed up that kid needs help

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