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Black Mom Goes In Harder On Her Daughter After Social Media Humiliation Video Backfires By Cussing Her Out More! Sick (Video)

Black Mom Goes In Harder On Her Daughter After Social Media Humiliation Video Backfires By Cussing Her Out More! Sick (Video)

by November 7, 2015 11 comments

I Seriously Hate This Woman!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

The woman who make a fool of her daughter and herself on facebook by posting what she called her nasty bastard daughters hygiene and bathing habits has struck again.  If you did not see the first video you can click here but if you did see it then you know how disgusting and evil it was.

Knowing this you would assume that the black woman caught up in that situation would not want to draw more attention to herself wouldn’t you?  Well then that would also mean that you know nothing about black women because shame is something that will never deter them from trying their best to ruin the lives of everyone else around them.

The disgusting mom who went off on her daughter has now posted yet another video going in on her daughter in an effort to not only prove any of the people who found fault in her parenting wrong but to make sure you understand how dirty and disgusting her daughter is.  Just watch…

She says that the real friends wouldn’t repost it yet the mother is the one who posted it in the first place.  Then she goes on to say that she doesn’t care what anyone has to say about the situation but then if that’s the case why would you post it for the rest of the world looking to make your daughter look bad?  If you don’t care what other people think about what you do right or wrong then why do you think your kid will care about what others think that shes doing right or wrong?

The moms logic isn’t even working 5 minutes after shes the one who sets up the parameters for the logic that’s how sad it is to talk to most black women.

The woman now does a second video because shes upset that the first video caused people to look at her parenting in a bad way instead of looking at the child in a bad way which goes to show you how unloving black mothers can be.  What shocks me more than that is the lack of response from the black public at large though because honestly had this happened to a white child then by now the white people would have had CPS at this parents door but there is no sense of urgency to save this child from any black people and that is because it is the norm in our households.

This little girl if she doesn’t commit suicide will most likely end up being the same type of mother to her kids as the one she was cursed with because the state will not prevent her from having kids and will not require her to go through any treatment before having kids so the cycle will continue.


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  1. cat h
    #1 cat h 7 November, 2015, 17:25

    This little girl needs a hero. If I had the information, I’d be on the phone first thing Monday morning.

  2. kikyobelladonna
    #2 kikyobelladonna 7 November, 2015, 17:27

    These videos make me sick. My mother wasn’t black but she was ratchet like this. She only ever screamed and threatened while expecting me to be perfect. She was dirty, cracked out, lazy and hateful but expected me to cook, clean, and come out smelling like roses while living in a rotten trash pit of a home. God forgive me, but if this daughter just LOST IT and beat Mommy Dearest DOWN I would be there to help. Screw these nasty, narcissistic “mothers”.

  3. konstance
    #3 konstance 7 November, 2015, 20:09

    jesus christ cant anyone do SOMETHING???? i dont know what to say any more, this is so fucked up!! FFS pleaseeee some one….DO SOME THINGGGG!!! the fear in her eyes…come on people!!! THIS AINT NORMAL!!!!

  4. Karen113088
    #4 Karen113088 7 November, 2015, 20:42

    What is the mom’s name? She needs to be outed.

    • Amber Fox
      Amber Fox 10 November, 2015, 18:37

      Her name is Ramona Hicks. Here’s a link to her FB page:

      Check out her “apology” about being such an abusive, incompetent steward of this poor, traumatized girl:

      “Now I didn’t want to go there with some these assholes from Poughkeepsie. First of all no one lives with my family and no one walks in my shoes everyday. The video that was posted of me and my daughter was poor judgement on my behalf I will admit that. But what y’all not going to do is think its OK to harass me. So who ever the hell gave Donna Cummings my info can kiss my whole entire ass. And don’t send for this over here because you won’t like what you are going to get. Me and my daughter are getting through this together and I am still her mother. A bond never broken.”

      Ms. Hicks doesn’t cite her age on her FB page, but she looks like a BT-900. A design flaw of the older models is getting butthurt and crying foul when they take even a fraction of what they dish out.

  5. milesmiller316
    #5 milesmiller316 7 November, 2015, 21:09

    DNA that’s all

  6. CityShark
    #6 CityShark 7 November, 2015, 22:23

    How can people help this girl? No one deserves to live lime this

  7. CityShark
    #7 CityShark 7 November, 2015, 22:28

    Tears. Makes me sick I would adopt her.

  8. viltrum234
    #8 viltrum234 8 November, 2015, 14:51

    This is sickening

  9. NikNik205
    #9 NikNik205 8 November, 2015, 16:04

    I think people put this dumb stuff online just to get likes. Likes and shares give people some type of release of endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. The mom wanted people to validate her as a mother, and feel that she has excellent parenting skills. I feel bad for the daughter.I hope the DHR can remove her from the home. She probably will get picked on at school too. I love my kid, and i would never want to embarras her.

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