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Dark Skinned Black Woman Makes Video Explaining How Tommy Sotomayor Loves Black Women, Do U Agree With Her? (Video)

Dark Skinned Black Woman Makes Video Explaining How Tommy Sotomayor Loves Black Women, Do U Agree With Her? (Video)

by May 15, 2018 0 comments

But Shes A Black Woman…

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

… so how in the hell can she like Tommy?

Well the truth of the matter is, no matter if you are a man or woman, black or white, gay or straight, you will come to understand that when you are a logical and reasonable person, hearing the truth or a fact will not bother you.   Well let me say this correctly, facts and truth can hurt your feelings but you won’t be mad at the person who delivered the facts or the truth unless they are the one who lied to you at the outset!

This woman who has a small YouTube channel called Nurse Angela, and I came across this video, saw her face and was very impressed at how well she spoke.  I also was thinking that maybe this was some type of attention grab to try and get views and subs so I sat back and watched!  Tell me what you think?

So, you saw the video and you heard her take, how do you feel about the things that she said?

I really like how she stated that after hearing about who I am from other people and how I feel about black women, she decided that she would take a look at this herself to see if this was true.

This is the reason why the people who dislike me use the words they use when they speak about me, you know, pedo, gay, deadbeat, woman abuser, sick, self hater, uncle tom, crispy and other not so nice terms because they know that the majority of people will listen to what is said about someone before finding out themselves.  This is also one of the reasons why they want to flag all of the things that I say so they then can come back and make videos claiming what I said with either no proof or no context!

Its really sad that black people who know what it is like to be punished for having an opinion, silenced and threatened for just being a free thinker.  Common sense would tell you that these people if they felt what I was saying was so wrong, they would allow other people to hear it for themselves and come to the same conclusion but they don’t and that should say a lot about their mission.

I thank this young lady for making this video and I would love to have her come on my show!

What is really sad is that this woman has more dislikes than likes on her video because the same people who talk about respecting black women and claim I stalk black women, found their way to her page to harass her because unlike them, she actually understand why I say what I say, what does that tell you? ~Tommy Sotomayor

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