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P-Diddy Attacked By Jealous Insecure Black Chicks Over Beautiful Snow-Covered Instagram Photo! (Video)

P-Diddy Attacked By Jealous Insecure Black Chicks Over Beautiful Snow-Covered Instagram Photo! (Video)

by November 5, 2015 4 comments

Just Another Jealous Day For Black Women!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Man, this stuff seems like it never ever gets old right?  Another day another sh*t sandwich that I assume black women served themselves but try to blame it on the world and how much the world is against them.

Music Mogul Sean P-Diddy Combs put up what seemed to be a very innocent instagram post about a ball that he and his companies were throwing in the New York area but you cant put the words innocent and black women in the same sentence.

Now Diddy, like many other black men, became a victim of black womens own insecurity because no matter what a person post, if they dont feel they were represented or loved enough by the people involved in the project well there will be hell to pay.  The number 1 consumers of DNA (D!ck And Attention) will be heard if they do not feel they are getting their recommended daily dose of false praise and admiration.

Before you look at the Instagram post in question, please watch this video!

Don’t you think that it is about high time that black women finally admit that white women and unblack women are better than they are?  Isnt it high time that black women finally admit how jealous and insecure they are in the presence of any other woman on the planet?  I for one am so glad that the world is slowly coming to their senses and ignoring the Snack Pack Throwers Of America crew because they literally find any reason in the world to be upset about complete nonsense!

I honestly believe that every day these retarded children called black women wake up and seek out a black mans day in which they can ruin!  I know many of you black men have wondered, “What The Hell Did I Do Wrong”  when some black woman started a fight with you that you did nothing to cause.

Black women are perpetually angry and upset about the stupidest things and it is your job to make happy the sleprock of humans known as black women.. They walk around with an ever-hovering black cloud over their heads and the only ray of sunshine they get out of the day is when they can rain on your parade! ~T.S.

Thank You Evie For the Story!

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    #1 5 November, 2015, 14:10

    I think those women are upset because of the missed opportunities????

  2. LasVegas
    #2 LasVegas 5 November, 2015, 17:35

    First time commenting on your website. I’m going to try to do it more often.

  3. Aug
    #3 Aug 6 November, 2015, 03:23

    black women want to control black men!

  4. Fareed
    #4 Fareed 6 November, 2015, 03:38

    That would be a legitimate study. It should be done. I am not an advocate of interracial dating but, a study comparing the quality of life, health, and longevity of blackmen who date or marry outside their race would be interesting. It could or should also be done for black women.

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