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DarkSkinned Overweight Hair Hat, Sha-Paris, Goes In On Tommy Sotomayor & His Disrespect Of Black Women!

DarkSkinned Overweight Hair Hat, Sha-Paris, Goes In On Tommy Sotomayor & His Disrespect Of Black Women!

by July 7, 2017 3 comments

BT-1000 Clap Back

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor


A woman on facebook who calls herself Sha-Paris, was upset at me because of the video that I made in regards to a 22 year old black girl with 5 kids by 2 men.  Sha felt like not only was I out of line about what I said about that young woman but she believes I go over the line in talking about black people in general so she wanted to fire up her facebook and go in on me.. Take a listen at how the average black woman responds to strangers who they disagree with!

here is part 1

Oh but she wasn’t done… This young lady got back on facebook live and decided that she needs to read me again and you can see that below

Does no one find it odd how this woman continued to say the same old buzz words over and over again while playing in that weave that she got for a few bucks and in front of an infant?

She called me a nobody over and over while talking about me for this long and claiming that I should be uplifting black women. Why is it that a group of people that want the world to believe that they are so strong needs constant uplifting by complete strangers?

Also, what is it with their obsession to playing in their weaves like that because she is the 3rd straight woman who while talking did this crap?

This is the womans facebook page (Click Here) and I invited her to talk to me directly on the show since she went out of her way to tag me and try to add me as a friend on facebook but she has yet to reply!

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  1. Lisa G
    #1 Lisa G 7 July, 2017, 22:45

    The comments on that FB page are hilarious! An example: “trust me and mock my words: ” omg it’s just to delicious.

  2. cocomom
    #2 cocomom 1 August, 2017, 14:14

    Another crystal clear example of what Tommy describes frequently: a proud black individual knocking the ‘messenger’ not the dysfunctional, raunchy behavior that motivated the comment in the first place. By all means, criticize SotoNation, not the irresponsible bitch who has 5 kids and no fuckn way to care for them (Section 8,, welfare, food stamps, etc, don’t count.) That’s the taxpayers providing for your kids, not you.

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