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Black Woman Exposes Her Small Daughter In Bikini To 0 Degree Weather For YouTube Views! (Video)

Black Woman Exposes Her Small Daughter In Bikini To 0 Degree Weather For YouTube Views! (Video)

by January 28, 2016 1 comment

Black Mothers, SMH!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

No matter what you say about what I say you cant deny that I do have a point in a lot of things that I say.  I honestly feel that black women are the worst stewards of children in the world and I just go by the fact that it really seems to me that they are not interested in loving or caring for the children that they have.

The video below is of a woman who was encouraging her daughter to go outside in the middle of a blizzard just to do a YouTube video to get some views from the world!

back up:

The problem with black people is that we refuse to call out what the mothers are doing!  The women are having babies and then while they have them they are doing all type crap with the kids yet no one is allowed to call it out!  These women are putting their kids in the worst situations that if a father were to do these things he would be crucified by the world!

I want y’all to think about this, people are going to try to get me banned but no one is trying to turn her in.  No one thinks that maybe these women should be turned into the police because of what they are doing, why?

The problem is that we never go after women for what they do simply because the world views them as retarded children who cant be held responsible for their poor decision making abilities!

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  1. Darryl Isaac
    #1 Darryl Isaac 28 January, 2016, 12:37

    This is child abuse at its worst. Plain and simple. That “mother” needs to be arrested and CPS needs to take her child away immediately and give her to a family that is worth a damn to the world.

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