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The Black Authority..Meet The Black Hypocrisy! His Own Contradictory Words On Mixed Race Couples! (Video)

The Black Authority..Meet The Black Hypocrisy! His Own Contradictory Words On Mixed Race Couples! (Video)

by March 19, 2014 0 comments


By:  Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Look guys, I have no idea why Mr Black Authority or how long this has been going on but its really stupid at this point.  Someone sent me this latest video of where The Black Authority again goes after me for not dating a black woman.  I understand him not liking that I am dating a non black woman but why keep talking about it?

I am not a black leader and never said that I was or have any desire to be.  The honest truth is that I am too flawed of a person!  I am way too emotional, not focused enough and my past is so checkered that by the time it gets picked over hell people in my family might disown me but all I do is speak on things that bother me and affect me.

I am really hurt because I showed him nothing but love but I guess when he saw cracks in the Armour, he has decided to give a full on assault against me in the one area he thinks that I am weakest, Dating A NON BLACK WOMAN!  Well after watching this video, I realized, I have no reason or intention of replying to it.  I am with a non black woman, GET ON OR GET OVER IT!

So I guess a mixed man with a white wife can represent blacks and talk about black empowerment but a black man with a non black woman cant?  I guess a non black woman with bastard kids can tell black women how to be better black men but This bastard baby making man with the non black girlfriend should just keep his mouth shut.  Well I get it.

I cant talk much about black economy because honestly I am broke, I am not well off so all I really offer is what I know, how much I love my daughter and how much I hate the state of black people today including myself!  Sorry that makes so many people want to f*ck with me!  The man has a beautiful family below, I wonder why Jason didnt tell him what he keeps trying to sneak say about me?  I guess thats how men do though, sneak diss.

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