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Tinder vs Swoon!  The Battle Of The Mobile Dating Apps, Which Side Are You On?

Tinder vs Swoon! The Battle Of The Mobile Dating Apps, Which Side Are You On?

by October 30, 2014 4 comments

Mobile Dating!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

In todays world, there are several different places where people can try to meet either the person what you would like to spend the rest of your life with or just a person that you can can have a good time with for just one nite.

With so many options for people who are looking to meet other people, my question now is, which is better?   I will be doing a little test of all of these services but right now there is a new form of dating that I would like to address.

A website by the name of Tinder and Swoon have come across my radar, maybe because I am currently single and lonely as hell but lets not go over that.  These sites are not your traditional log on websites but instead these are what is called mobile dating apps!  Also, unlike traditional dating sites, you will not read these long drawn out profiles and send endless emails to people hoping that one may respond!

You can only access these two sites on your cell phones and there is this element of chance that goes along with it.  For those unfamiliar with how they work, what you do is click like or swipe right on the photos of a person you find attractive and if they do the same from their end then you have a match.  In some ways this is just totally weird because you spend all dayum day clicking like but have no idea if a person on the other end will ever even see you.

They also allow you to go from city to city as these apps will locate you and then locate people within a certain amount of miles from you so you cant search for people in NY if you are in LA but if you are a traveling person you can meet someone really quickly if you can get them to click like or swipe right on your profile!

These websites seem to be more geared toward women than men because they have way more chances of being liked than men do.  Studies have shown that women click like or swipe 3 times less than men which would show you that because women usually log on and get several different men who have swiped right that they spend more time online reading messages instead of searching for matches.  Men on the other hand know that its a numbers game so some will just click like or swipe right on damn near all of the profiles hoping to just get a match!

So, since I am new to this dating thing, I am hoping that many of you who have tried these services can tell me if you are a fan of Tinder or Swoon (or another if you know of one) and let us know what you like and dislike about each of these!  Thanks, because lord knows I need to meet me my future wife so I need your opinion on the best way to go about that!  Comment below!


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  1. huggiepacino
    #1 huggiepacino 30 October, 2014, 23:05

    Pof is good also….straight to the point…no adding or liking something or someone…message, talk and get to the point, that’s what I like …u can also audio message too….good article on these apps,I’m going to check on them tonight

  2. kirkie_jr
    #2 kirkie_jr 31 October, 2014, 11:26

    I use Tinder. Actually it is pretty cool! You have to have a facebook account in order to create a Tinder profile. It will show common interests from each person’s facebook account, and will also show common friends.

  3. bizzy773
    #3 bizzy773 31 October, 2014, 19:11

    i honestly think the only way to have any meaning relationship even if it does not last 4ever is meeting someone the old fashion way i.e at the grocery store, gym, park, ect. ive tried online for awhile and maybe u find someone briefly but they always usually end the same. I think the “traditional” way works because u mutually meet having something in common/relate to. Its so EZ now_a_dayz to be someone ur not online.

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