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Boarder-Jumpers & Spear-Chuckers Beat Up 2 Snow Men For Having A Confederate Flag! Why Is This Not A Hate Crime? (Video)

Boarder-Jumpers & Spear-Chuckers Beat Up 2 Snow Men For Having A Confederate Flag! Why Is This Not A Hate Crime? (Video)

by November 6, 2015 1 comment

Hey, Didn’t I Hear Pro Blacks Outraged Over This?

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

Oh well, maybe it was a Debbie Gibson situation because only in my dreams can I believe that people who fight for equality actually want things to be equal!

The story below features two young white men who were walked to their own vehicles and found themselves confronted by a group of 6 minority men who were upset about them having the confederate flag on their truck.  Just take a look below at the vicious activity that follows.

Now you would assume that pro blacks and liberals at this point would be up in arms about this situation displayed in this video.  You would assume it because they wouldnt want the things they are working for like anti profiling and stereotyping are being challenged by the actions of a few if they dont sand up and denounce these activities.

You would also assume that this story would be all over the national media right?  Well you would be wrong on both accounts because not only has the national media not covered this but many of the pro black and liberal race-baiters encourage this type of behavior as I think they want present day whites to suffer for what whites in the past did im not sure but as a black man I find this type of behavior more reason for me to understand racism.

I used to get mad when whites would clutch their purse or lock their doors around me but now I think they would be stupid not to with the things they see in the media as well as with the things I myself as a black man experience dealing with black people as myself!

As true Americans we must fight the temptation of ethnic tribalism for the greater good of the country.  We must allow all speech, even speech we are whole-heartedly against to exist in some forms because it is what is right.  We must protect everyone’s civil liberties, not just the ones we like or the ones who can afford it.

I am not a fan of the confederate flag nor the Nazi flag but I do believe who ever wants to display them should be allowed to at their own financial and career risk.  We should vote with our money not our fist!

Finally, I think it is a damn shame that we are trying to force whites to be ashamed of anything their history speaks of and it sucks that we as blacks think that the Confederate flag is evil yet the Union flag is

Fight over Confederate flag decal could be investigated as hate crime, police say

SALT LAKE CITY — A fight outside a Salt Lake City hotel early Sunday morning could possibly be investigated as a hate crime, authorities said Monday.

Cell phone video captured an African American man throw a punch at a Caucasian man, knocking him out.

The fight was over an argument about a Confederate flag decal on a truck parked at the Red Lion Hotel.

The truck belonged to Kelly Leeper’s friend. Leeper was in town for the Garth Brooks concert.

On Sunday, he said looked out the window of his room at the Red Lion and saw a group of African American men near his friend’s truck. Red Lion parking lot fight

In the back of the truck, Leeper said there was $50,000 worth of welding equipment.

There was also a Confederate flag decal on the side.

“The point is it’s my right to drive what any kind of vehicle I want,” Leeper said. “If I want to fly the Confederate flag, it’s my right.”

Leeper went to the parking lot with his friend and confronted the group. That’s when the fight turned violent.

In one fast and powerful punch, Leeper’s friend was knocked out.

A scuffle ensued and Leeper was taken down by a group of six men.

“I’ll be damned if I ever come to Salt Lake again without bringing my gun,” Leeper said.

The fight was captured on cell phone video which has been turned over to Salt Lake City Police.

Someone at the scene also got a partial plate number of the suspects’ vehicle.

“Somebody thought to get a plate number as well and that’s really going to help in this case,” Salt Lake Police Sgt. Robin Heiden said. “I think we’ll probably be able to track down that vehicle.”

It is only a partial plate number and it comes from a temporary Utah license tag.

The car is described as a silver two-door car with the partial plate 9-7-S-20.

Leeper said the fight turned racial with slurs going both ways by the time it was over.

“It could potentially be a hate crime,” Heiden said. “We’ll then present all that to the district attorney who will make that final determination.”

Both Leeper and his friend suffered cuts and bruises but neither were seriously hurt.

Salt Lake City officers are asking for help identifying the men in the video and locating the car involved.

Anyone with information related to the crime is asked to call Salt Lake City police at (801) 799-3000.

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  1. thetnrebel
    #1 thetnrebel 19 January, 2017, 14:07

    remember that was a black man in Mississippi who great/great grand father served in the CSA army. He often wore a rebel uniform and had a rebel flag. A group of black ran him off the road and killed him not long ago

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