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Black Woman Kicked Out Of Walgreens Because Of Her Badazz Child! Is This Right? (Video)

Black Woman Kicked Out Of Walgreens Because Of Her Badazz Child! Is This Right? (Video)

by May 5, 2018 0 comments

Worst Stewards Of Children!

By: Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor

It will not be long before we start seeing stories with the signs out in front of them saying “Now Black Women Allowed”!

People are really getting tired of black women and their insufferable attitudes and now along with dealing with their demon seeds its getting to be more and more unbearable!

The story below is of a woman who was thrown out of A NYC Walgreens because of her uncontrollable and loud mouth child who was not only destroying the store but was cussing up a storm, Just watch!

if the above link doesn’t work watch the one below

So after seeing this do you believe the store was racist or do you believe this woman should not only be banned from stores but she should have her child taken away as well?

I believe that the latter is where we need to start because the majority of black women who have custody of children are basically worse for the kid than if Jerry Sandusky and some other Penn State Alum were to raise them!

Black women have no care in the world when it comes to their children and scenes like this happen all around the country.  Hell remember when the woman had her friends come and shoot up the bus that these people were on simply because they questioned her parenting?

What is really sad about this is how often black people are asked to leave places of business and how often they refuse to leave those places.  I mean it is bad enough having to be asked to leave as often as we are but it is worse that when asked to leave, we refuse to go.. smh

Black women can not be questioned because they are queens… Queens of the damned!

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